Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quit Complaining

Remember when I said earlier that L.A. was beautiful? Well, like anyplace it depends on where you aim your camera.

In Madrid, there is a lot of complaining about the Rio Manzanares. It's too small, it's really just a creek, it's feo, and why are we spending so much money making it pedestrian?

I think the Madrilenos should meet the L.A. river. Here it is and there are no serious plans to make it look any better. Even if we did want to - it is so damn long it would cost a fortune. It is a purely utilitarian storm water collecting device , but it really was a river - when the Spanish were here.

It flows to Marina Del Rey where it does start looking a lot better. At least there are palm trees and sunshine - and a bike path.

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