Monday, December 31, 2007

El Sucko Still at it.

I continue to have an ass-full of El Roto. I realize that I can't think of a clever name for him so I will just resort to being childish. This El Pais cartoonist never misses an opportunity to put a negative spin on the U.S. Of course it is very politically correct to do this in Spain, it sells papers, it provides a convenient scapegoat, it very clearly states that in America we are so different than everyone else - sorry, not true. Nationalism, religionism (if that's a word), regionalism, and flag waving, are going strong all over the world. But only the Americans are perceived as being "too patriotic". Why is this? And why does it irritate Europeans so?

Check out this optimistic gem to help you bring in the new year:

I am really surprised there wasn't an American flag painted on the side of that rock. I also noticed that the 2008 asteroid seems to be headed right for Spain.

Happy New Year Spain! - from El Roto!


Anonymous said...

Pero Carl, no sé la razón por la que te sigues torturando leyendo ese panfleto del PSOE (El País), yo hace bastante tiempo que dejé de hacerlo. La izquierda en este país por desgracia tiene un gran componente antiamericano del que le sacan jugo electoralmente hasta la última gota. Pero es que además resulta paradójico que la izquierda menosprecie el patriotismo americano (que envidia me da porque si aquí se hiciera lo mismo con la bandera española te llamarían facha) cuando está dando alas y alentando a los nacionalismos imaginarios regionales mas casposos como puedan ser los del País Vasco y Cataluña.

Carl said...

Well Anonymous, I read El Pais because 1) I'm lazy - it's in English for the blog, and 2) I want to torture myself like you say.

You know that everyone in Madrid reads El Pais, so I want to challenge those people a little. I don't like to use the terms "left" and "right" - they seem overused, but of course I know they are an outlet for PSOE and are obviously anti-American. I just often wonder if the rest of the people know this?

And yes, PSOE does play a dangerous game - trying to be nice to groups of people who don't seem to really like Spain that much (those guys up North you mentioned).

EuroMadrid said...

Check out the latest news infotainment in Spain. "You're going to love the photo," said EuroMadrid sarcastically.

Many of the viewer comments are what you'd expect ("Bush es solo la cara visible de esa sociedad totalmente degradada,sin cultura, sin valores y sin futuro...") but there are a couple of voices of reason sprinkled throughout.

Carl said...

I looked at that page quickly and to tell you the truth I'm afraid to look more. I know what it's going to say and it will ruin my day. I'll look later.

Ayse said...

You need to chill out and be sympathetic to the Spaniards. Wouldn't you be upset and carry grudge to a country, for instance China, if all the best of your country produced (naranjas, olive oil, food, movie stars, brains, etc..) went there and you had to settle with the left overs? While your own cultural identity is disappearing, your youngsters, who will shape the future of your country, are dressed, act and talk like Chinese, wanna be like Chinese movie stars and listen to Chinese music. On top of all of this, China sit on the most beautiful land on earth and blessed with the plentiful of natural resources of all sorts. I would and probably would begin bad mouthing China. Well, America is that county and I am afraid it has to deal with a very basic human quality - jealousy!

I also read the papers of every points of view and listen to radio talk show of people, whose opinions I disagree with. It makes me feel prepared for an intelligent argument. If we all thought the same way, the world would be a very peaceful but boring place.

Carl said...

Hey Ayse,

You have been hard at work commenting. Thank You.

You're right. I told everyone in another post that I was the one with the thin skin. I am too sensitive.