Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does Anyone Else Think This is Nuts?

Well, he only killed twenty five people, it's not like it was a really awful crime. He also was a nice guy in prison, working in the laundry and so on, so that really counts. And he did do 14 months for each of his victims (21 years for 25 murders). So, what more do you want?

Seriously, what the hell is Spain thinking? Is this some kind of joke? Symbolic prison sentences of 3000 years, time off for "good behavior" in murder cases, child rapists let out after a ridiculously short sentence - or doing no time at all! I know we Yanquis are brutal barbarians with the death penalty and all (not in all states), but I'm sorry, this guy should not walk out of prison ever, neither should child killers. Pedophiles can not be "reformed" and guys who kill 25 people revoke their right to live in society with the rest of us, even if they convert into Mother Teresa in jail.


Roberto said...

It is nuts Carl, we have to change the law, rather sooner than later. Everybody, expect perhaps the PNV, agrees on that. This level of agreement is exceptional in the Spamnish politics, as you know.

I still remember his last hunger-strike last year, and the media coverage he got in the UK. Fue vomitivo. (how do you say vomitivo in English?)

Carl said...

I think that would be: "It was sickening".

leftbanker said...

Yeah, that's prety messed up. Not as messed up as the death penalty, but messed up.

Midnight Golfer said...