Sunday, November 9, 2008

That Didn't Take Long

... For El Roto to get negative that is.

He is going for it only five days after the election. The cartoon guys sees out of his RIGHT eye - then he sees out of his LEFT eye, get it? Nice change.

Funny thing is .... I think I agree with him. There is a lot of drinking of the Obama kool-aid going on with very extreme expectations for his presidency. But I'm not so sure there will be a huge sea-change in actual policies. Of course there will be the usual Democratic party-line changes, taxes, social programs, environment, and everyone wants to end the war, etc. But on other foreign policy fronts, Obama will just be able to explain in a nicer way why he is going to do what he wants to do anyway. Bush just did what he wanted without bothering to explain to, or consult with, the rest of the world - knowing he's going to do it anyway (whatever "it" may be). So I guess he thought why bother? And his presentation skills were, shall we say, lacking. But you gotta at least act like you are listening ....

Obama does have some good presentation skills. Maybe that is enough of a change?


Carl said...

Alright there will be changes...

I'm just saying that even if Obama does "Bush-like" things he will get a pass, and not be demonized for everything. He already said he is going to increase involvement in Afghanistan, not accept a nuclear Iran, be a friend to Israel, etc.

American foreign policy is still going to look like American foreign policy.

Midnight Golfer said...

Speaking of the the media in general, there has often been a double standard, and it will become more evident as President Obama takes office and does things, which will be very similar to things President Bush has done, and has gotten despised for doing.

Bush was the constant and consistent object of derision, and Obama will not, even if he makes similar decisions, and takes similar actions.

But, that's not the end of the double standard. Bush attempted to stay 'above the fray' by never reacting to his criticizers, trying to not give creedance to what they were accusing him of.

To Obama's credit (IMHO) he WILL react to certain criticism, and will 'stand up for himself,' something that will get you labeled 'full of hate' if you try it in a red state.

Whenever Bush ignored them, his critics said it was a sign of him 'having become out of touch, just like all the old cowboys.'
If Obama fails to acknowledge his detractors, he will be seen as patient and noble.

I'm not saying that Obama's not all of these things, I'm just saying that it was dishonest to say that Bush was always the opposite.

Carl said...

There definitely is a pathological "Hate Bush" syndrome no matter what he did. In fact, Bush had many "Liberal" policies that were ignored by the Hate-Bush crowd.

He passed the No Child Left Behind Act, a very "liberal" program. His prescription drug benefits program is a huge entitlement program, he was for immigration reform - meaning he wanted Mexicans to come to the U.S., he gave big money to fight AIDS in Africa, etc.

This would totally blow Europeans' minds, but he is not even considered a conservative to many Republicans because of his huge spending.