Friday, May 1, 2009

I See a Movie Coming Out of This One

Two sixty year old woman partying on a luxury cruise, throwing money around and picking up old guys (or young) - all the while packing 27 kilos of cocaine.

There have to be millions of great plot lines to follow in this scenario for some talented (or hack) writer from Hollywood or Madrid.

I'm telling you there's a bad movie in there somewhere.


Voices en Español said...

Definitely plenty of material for Santiago "Torrente" Segura, Spain's version of the Farrelly Brothers. Over the top, politically incorrect, scatological humor.

Old ladies dealing coke from the deck of a cruise ship...the (slapstick) comedy practically writes itself. Fact is stranger than fiction.

I will say that the thing that jumps out at me from reading the article, apart from the age of the suspects, is that the nationality of the women is not mentioned.

Spanish media, El País included, usually mentions the nationality of a suspect... that a suspect is Moroccan, Romanian, Colombian, etc. or a Spanish citizen of Moroccan, Romanian, etc. descent. The fact that it isn't mentioned leads me to believe that these women were what would be considered "pura cepa" Spanish.

Sorry if that's offensive to some, but blame Spanish media which normally goes to great lengths to mention a criminal's nationality, even when that piece of information is totally irrelevant.

Carl said...

You know, I did notice that and thought it was odd. I think El Pais would leave it out of the story if the women are Spanish.