Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey, I saw this one..

Hey, I saw this O'Reilly factor segment on the Spanish Breast Feeding Doll and I don't remember any "Rage" or any talk about the doll "Inciting Pedophelia". I did hear them say that perhaps six year old girls should not be thinking about breast feeding and maybe they should be little girls first. Besides, I thought it was sexist to train all little girls to be mothers?

But I'm sure El Pais would never mislead their readers about a Fox news report though... Right?


Anonymous said...

Yeah! There is a doll called "baby alive", and it's also "trained" little girls to be mothers. And the doll can even make a voice and call "mommy"..I disagree about this, and I think parents should focus on studying or math maybe..instead of useless toys..

Bianchii said...

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Carl said...

I'm not so sure I would go that far Atikah. Toys are not useless and dolls seem fine to me. I doubt that even this breast feeding toy causes any harm, the point was the El Pais article misrepresenting what O'Reilly said. There wasn't any "rage" or talk of pedophelia.

PreciousThinking said...

I guess it's ok to
Play with dolls however the breast feeding part is a bit too much for young girls. Why should try only be playing with dolls stereotyping. I remember reading in the news that In Sweden they have opened a kindergarten in which guys done have to play with cars and girls with dolls. It has to be equal. I believe it's called equalia. Nice blog btw.