Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bota - Is there Anything More Spanish?

Well maybe there is, but the Spanish wine skin, or Bota, has got to be one of the most Spanish icons out there. And I'm not talking about the crappy plastic-lined imitations. No, it has to be the real deal, hand made, with tar inside, or pez.

I bought these two at a Boteria in Madrid, kind of a while ago. The workshop was over in the South of Latina area - one of those streets above Puerta de Toldeo. Like most places in Madrid, I knew more or less where it was but not the exact street or address. I tried to find it once again after many years but had no luck.

So, the other day I was looking at my botas, and I did what everyone does now if they are trying to find something, I Googled "boteria" and came up with several things. One of which was a post that I missed from Sal's Virtual Tapas Bar. It seems that Sal is an aficionado of the bota too and he did a great job of laying out the do's and dont's of bota use and maintenance.

Proper Bota Boozing Technique:

Sal also says that as of 2004 the boteria is called:

Botería Julio Rodriguez
Calle Aguila, 12
28005 Madrid
Tel: +34-91-365-6629

I have to check that out when I am in Madrid next - hopefully this June.

I also came up with this great link to a video - complete with flamenco guitar accompaniment - of the bota fabrication process.

I do have to say that I am a bota snob though because mine not only are authentic hand made piel with tar inside, but they also have tapones made of bull horn (asta de toro), not plastic. Jealous?


Bilingual Blogger said...

Definitely jealous. :)

Carl, really enjoying your blog with this mix of topics, from politics to your observations on everyday type things. Keep it up!

Carl said...

Thanks Bilingual, I really appreciate that.

Sometimes I think I'm too all over the place.

Roberto said...

Is there anything more Spanish?, umm, "la boina" or maybe "el porrón", but "la bota" is in the top 5, that's for sure.

Un saludo Carl