Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slacking Off

Well, not really. One thing about vacations - it takes too damn much work to prepare for them, go on them, then recover from them. It's almost not worth it.

My real life has been seriously getting in the way of my pathetic web life. I planned a long weekend in Maui but then had to work my ass off at the day job to be able to leave town, then I get back and have to work my ass off because I was gone. And this is just for a lousy self-made "puente" of four days!

Anyway, That's Maui up there, it was nice, etc.


Jever said...

This kind of situation sounds very familiar.

I will be leaving next Thursday (another four-day weekend in Germany) for four days to the Faroe Islands. It might get a bit hectic before I leave and coming back there will be more waiting for me.

But I am sure it will be very interesting to travel to this part of the world.
Have you or anyone you know ever been there?

Carl said...

I had no idea where on God's green and blue earth the Faroe islands were (until I looked them up). Interesting I'm sure - but they look cold. Have fun!