Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Everyone's Equal in Cuba - Unless You're Black

Wow, they must have been napping at El Pais. They let a negative op-ed piece on Cuba get through the idealogical gauntlet. This editorial written by a real live Cubano says that Black and Mulatto Cubans are doing poorly, racism is alive and well there. In contrast, the U.S. has Blacks in real positions of power.... I'll say, just ask Oprah Winfrey. She made 260 Million dollars last year, top of the television heap.

I know this is not what most Europeans would think is the case. How could the evil Capitalist empire be doing better with racial problems than the people's Cuba? Because Latinos are just as elitist as anyone, maybe more so, and the so-called egalitarian political system does not seem to be so equal.

Good thing Zapatero is supporting them with Spanish tax dollars. He knows how to back a winning horse.

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