Monday, November 5, 2007

New Friendly "Entity" Will Protect You

Add this to the list of all the things Spain is quietly doing because of the threat of terrorism - EXACTLY like the US has done - just a little delayed so people won't notice so much and get alarmed.

This "Entity" kind of sounds like "The Department of Homeland Security" to me. I know it is very un-PC to call this new government department anything that rings with terms that provoke images of patriotism or deals with anything unpleasant like the thought of people trying to kill you. So, they will come up with a very innocuous name for this "Entity" I'm sure.

Whatever the name, I know that the people in the security services of Spain went to the government and said, "Listen guys, I know we talk a good game about how the US is taking away people's freedoms, and that they are paranoid, and that they are aggressive Neanderthals, but if we don't do EXACTLY the same thing we're screwed! Because WE are the West too! Just like them."

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