Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sadness in Finland

I have been watching the news and reading the commenters over at - wondering how they were going to start blaming the Americans for this. It wasn't too bad. There were a few that blamed "el cine Yanki", but mostly it was normal lamenting about disturbed people.

Also wondering if the European media will write stories on the violent and evil Finnish population - doubt it.

I didn't know that Finland had such a high gun ownership rate among the population. The handgun that this guy used was legally purchased and registered to him.

I did get a kick out of this one comment on

"¿Álguien se ha dado cuenta que si ese tarado hubiera hecho eso en España estaría unos trece años en la cárcel y entonces saldría? Por suerte se ha muerto en el hospital. En esto los americanos del norte son admirables, ya que lo mandan a la milla verde y de alli a su paraiso."

"Do you guys realize that if this retard had done this in Spain he would've spent only 13 years in jail and then he'd be out? Luckily he died in the hospital. In cases like this the Americans have it right. They would send him to the green mile and from there to his just reward."

I got a kick out of it - but it is not true of course. This kid at 18 years old would surely have spent his life in prison or a psychiatric hospital, but he would not have received capital punishment. Obviously he was very sick.

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