Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Servesa or Thervetha?

This cracks me up. Talk about language chauvinism! This Mexican director has a new movie and the Spanish film industry wants to dub it in “Spain Spanish”. They say that if it is in “Mexican Spanish” the people won’t want to deal with it.

What is it with dubbing in Spain? They love it! I have also been in several conversations with Spanish people who say that their dubbing is the best in the world. Maybe so, but when you hear the "Spanish Woody Allen" or the "Spanish Dr. Evil", it just doesn’t cut it. Just like a Chilango running around Mexico City saying "thervetha" - it loses something.

There is a lot of talk about how isolated Americans are, how we don’t watch foreign movies, how we don’t learn languages, etc. I don’t know… at least the foreign movies we do watch are subtitled like god intended.

Even President Bush speaks (sortof) a foreign language (Spanish) – and Zapatero?


Katie said...

geez frickin' louise. ughhhhhh! that is unbelievable. i fervently hope the mexican director wins his case.

Carl said...

I am hoping it was just some movie guy's bad idea that got publicized.